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  2. Three years!!!  Still hoping someone gifts a Core Membership out of the goodness of their heart

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  4. Mascot of my alumni, Kansas State University!!!  

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  6. Independent, Outspoken, STUBBORN

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  8. Right

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  10. Chapter 1 of my Resident Evil Movie Verse story, Chimera

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  12. STORIES!!!!!  I have a vivid active imagination that NEVER sleeps!

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  15. Midwife Crisis by tha-thumpp

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  17. STORIES!!!!!!  Love crafting tales!!!!

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  19. ONE?!?!?!  Just ONE?!!??!  Okay, then it's a tie between Pain-art and doubleleaf and Captain-Albert Wesker

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  21. It can only be ONE!??!?!  Fine, if it has to be one then doubleleaf

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  23. Motivated me to keep writing when I wanted to quit

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  25. Hands, laptop, and my mind......Oh and SLEEP!!!

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  27. Home - Sanctuary!!!!

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A/N: I don't own anyone but poor Alex.......

Okay so I learned somethings from RE: Revelations 2 which will affect the storyline for the sequel to this story.  But I think it's gonna work BEAUTIFULLY!  But you will have to wait until we conclude this little gem.  But if you want to venture guesses PM me ;)


Piers was numb.  

He couldn't form a single word, a phrase, anything to relay comfort to Alex.  He just sat there; and looked directly at her, spying the glistening pools pricking the corners of her eyes.  He felt helpless.

“I felt so......broken, laying there on the floor and he knew it. He basked in every second of my suffering.”  Acid laced her tongue with a tinge of pain.  It was the kind of pain that shredded one's psyche, leaving behind a deep wound that would merely fester and never heal.  “My body couldn't, wouldn't move.  So, I just lay there, wishing to just die.”

With the grace of an 80 year old, Alex curled her body into a tight ball, hugging her knees flush to her chest.  

“The only thing I knew was pain.  That night, everything went black.”

She sunk into the couch, letting her head fall back against the back.  

Piers felt the helplessness melt and burn into anger.  

“That son of a bitch.”   Alex snorted softly.  

“You're being too generous, Piers.  He was a pathetic asshole who had the age old wet dream of dominating the world.  He thought billions of years of evolution was being wasted away like rotted fruit.  That the weak and feeble were taking over with their sickly progeny as the strong were going extinct.  The world needed  a reset, a rebirth and he was going to be the God of that new awakening.”

She shook her head disgustedly.  

“Wish I could've been there to see Chris feed him those rockets.  You know, even after Jill came home I felt as if a part of him was lost in that volcano.  Sometimes, he would stare off, lost in some thought or memory that invaded his mind.  I suspect Wesker was never too far from his thoughts.  But then again,” she laughed humorlessly, “the fucker isn't too far from mine either.  He is very much a part of me now.”  She paused and took a hard drink, letting the rim of the glass come to rest in the center of her forehead.  “Sometimes, I don't know if that doesn't make Chris sick and harbor thoughts of disgust towards me.”

“Stop that!”  Piers couldn't stand to hear her say another word.  “Chris would NEVER think of you as something vile.  It wasn't your fault, what happened to you.  He knows it.  I know it.”

“Chris is good at hiding what he doesn't want others to see.  I'm sure you heard about incident after Africa.”

“No,” Piers carefully drawled his reply.  

“After Kijuju, there was a ceremony for Chris's actions.  The BSAA wanted to give him this prestigious award and parade him around.  It was a lavish affair with banners, a seven course meal that would've fed several countries, and of course booze.  Booze that flowed like rivers.  Oh yeah, and every single upper level head from the branches and the Director. Pretty big deal.  But I digress.  I was seated in the front with Quint, Keith, Sheva, Josh, Jill, and Claire.  We were so proud of him.  Everyone was dressed in gowns that I'm sure cost more than all of our salaries combined.   The Director gave this lengthy speech that was lip service to the media and visiting dignitaries.  When Chris was to walk out and accept, he was nowhere to be seen.  Everyone began looking around, wondering if perhaps he had not heard his name.  Then a few moments passed and he came out.  Something wasn't right.  He was rigid and tense.  I could see his jaw clenching as his hand gripped the sides of the podium like he was ready to rip the top off.  He started to speak but the words were slurred.”

She shook her head and poured the remaining liquor out.  

“Then, he snapped.”  Her fingers mimicked the word.  

“Snapped?”  Piers's eyes widened and brow knitted.  

“He abruptly took off and fled.  Jill and I raced after him.”

“Jesus,” the marksman swore.  

“We found him 10 minutes later.  He had barricaded himself in the coat check room.  He was swinging a cane, screaming Wesker's name.  Chris was fighting air.  Fucking air.  He yelled at the top of his lungs, swearing Wesker would pay for what he did to Jill and I.  After Rockfort, he had begun extensive arduous physical training regiments.  It was a response mechanism.  It was a way for him to fight the demons, to regain some semblance of control in his life.  I couldn't blame him; not after all the shit that happened up to that point.  You know, at first, after he found me, I didn't recognize him because of all the extra muscle mass.  It was his voice that anchored me.”

She gulped the last bit of amber brown then set the tumbler down one final time.  Not so much as a buzz.  Goddamn virus.....

“I didn't know,” Piers shook his head.  It was so much to take in.  Chris, his Captain, the man he looked up to.......

“Few know Piers.  I know how you look up to him and it's a shock.  Hell, his vanishing act is more than a shock.  Fucking bitch Ada!”  Her body bristled and voice sharpened at the woman's name but it wasn't as dangerous like in the hospital.  “I think I've dumped enough on you for one night.”

“Alex,” Piers sighed heavily, “You haven't 'dumped' anything on me.”  

“Okay then hashed up.”  The corners of her mouth ticked up.  

“Alright, 'hashed up,'” it was the best he was going to get.  

“I think I'll crash for the night.  We'll head out again tomorrow.  Maybe the snow will cut us a break.  Makes killing Ja'vo a bitch ya know?”  

This time a quiet though genuine laugh resonated, disarming the young sniper.  

“I'm going to take a shower.”  She pushed up and off the couch, padding across the thick fibers to her bag.  


“I think the heat went out.”  

Alex craned her head to see Piers fiddling with the thermostat.  “Damn it!”

“We can call down to the front desk.  I'm sure it's temporary.  And we are in the Czech Republic in the dead of winter which isn't exactly the Virgin Islands.”

The marksman simply snarled at the offensive device, giving up the short lived battle.  It was going to be a long night indeed.  Too bad there wasn't a fireplace in the room.  At least there would be some source of heat being generated.  Piers supposed he could don some extra layers and the spare blanket in the closet.....

“You know,” Alex whispered millimeters from his ear.  The searing puffs of breath startled Piers sending a slight shiver down his spine.  Alex caught the human reaction, noting the shudder as it fanned across his body.  “You know you could just share a bed with me.  I mean, I am my own furnace and clearly you've been weighing your options as to how to avoid freezing.”

She straightened up, patiently waiting for an answer.  She could hear Pier's heart hammering against his sternum as he considered her gesture.  It was cute watching him make a decision as if he had just been approached by the most popular girl in school.  

“You can relax, there's no harm in two grown adults sharing a bed.  Besides, I don't want to see or hear you shivering all night.  Chris and Jill did it on a few icy missions.  No harm no foul.”  She casually shrugged while he just stared.  “And,” her head dropped until her eyes were boring into the carpet.  A foot swept before the other as she struggled to form the right words.  Her sink tingled with the kiss of blush which crept up her neck and cheeks.  Now she felt like the one being approached by the popular boy; shying away from his inquisitive gaze.  “I don't want to be alone.”  

There!  She said it! Now why was that so hard to get out?  She had just said it was no issue with him curled up in the same bed with her, in a non sexual manner, being warmed up by her body.  Basic function to survival: Retaining precious warmth to keep alive.

What the HELL was wrong with her?!  An hour ago she was recalling one of the most traumatic moments in her life and now she felt as if she was reliving her first high school crush?!  No, no, no no......  


Piers is a friend.  And those she considered friend or lover had her unwavering trust and protection.  That's what this was.  That's what happened in that alleyway.  Opening up to him, that was her giving him trust.   She was offering protection.  Shielding him from the Ja'vo yet ripping open her carefully guarded secret for her efforts.  

“I'm going to head to bed,” she willed her mind to focus.  Before she eased between the blankets, Alex paused and cast a final glance.  “Offer still stands but if you don't want to it's fine.”

Piers took a deep breath, making his decision.


Alex drifted in the plane that resided between consciousness and slumber.  That was one of the curses of being infected: one's body was shed the primitive instinct of obeying the night.  Sleep was more of a luxury than necessity.  Unlike her friends, she could rest for a few minutes and be operational as if though she had taken the traditional means.  She was no longer a slave to the circadian rhythms her body once happily obliged.  Though it made for long nights and days on occasion. Tonight was an exception.  Perhaps it was the strain inflicted upon her mind, body, and soul in this desperate hunt.

Their search continued digging up dead ends or they were weeks too late.  Did Chris know they were crisscrossing the Continent looking for him?   Did he remember them?  Did he even care!?  Or were they victims of cruel fate?  But she refused to surrender; not until he was brought home.  Jill and Claire were counting on her to come back with Chris.; even if it meant running into Hell and dancing with the Devil himself.  

The dip in the mattress dragged her back to the world of the living.  She didn't twist around as she knew who it was.  She could detect him by scent.  The subtle blend of musk and human; one that stood out even from Chris's powerful essence.

Piers carefully and slowly crawled in, scooting in until he his chest was flush to her back.  His movements were hesitant, testing how far he could move.    

“I don't bite,” came the groggy voice.  “Hard.....”

Alex listened and let her senses take over from sight.  His heart was still racing though it was showing signs of slowing.  His scent was comforting, welcoming as an arm was hooked around her waist.  Piers heard the deep groan of contentment.  The marksman nuzzled his head along the nape of her neck, allowing the waves of heat to envelope his chilled skin.  It penetrated the faded Red Wings shirt and yoga pants, delivering a delicious comfort that relaxed his tense form.  

“We're going to find him.” He whispered.  

Alex didn't respond.  

“We have to.”  Her reply was quiet almost inaudible.  

He was compelled to draw her closer into him.  She didn't resist or utter a protest at the growing closeness.  He was a little surprised, though a part of him was thrilled, when she shifted tighter into his embrace. The subtle sigh which escaped her slightly parted lips sent a shiver down his spine.  So, this is what it was like.  It was perfect.  

But it wasn't......

No, Piers shook his head.  He couldn't delve into dangerous territory.  He respected Chris and that included his relationship with Alex.  Yet, he wasn't pulling away either.  

His musings interrupted by the shift in the body alongside his.  Alex had rolled to her other side, facing him.  Through the inky darkness she watched as his eyes stayed trained on her.  She could see it written on his face: confusion.  Alex remained still in his arms, afraid to create even the slightest hints of consciousness, instead choosing to observe the young agent.  The short hot puffs of breath tickled her nose and lips but yet, she didn't react.  What was it she could see simmering in his gaze?  Something had changed......

Piers could hear the steady rhythm of her breathing.  He couldn't see the serene expression; he could only envision the passive features which had blanketed her face.  Sure he had seen her asleep on the flight to London but her face had been furrowed and tense.  

Before he could stop himself, Piers's hand cupped the side of her face, lazily caressing the searing skin with his thumb.  She was asleep, she wouldn't know what he was doing.  She wouldn't feel his touch.  

Alex remained silent.  Her heart quickened slightly at the slow but not unwelcome intrusion.  Thankfully, Piers's hearing was too weak to detect the upbeat in her pulse.   She missed it, this simple but powerful act.  Chris was always touching her when they were alone.  A hand on her bare shoulder or fingers tracing along the curvature of her spine.  Unspoken but spoken with their bodies.  

The rebellious sigh slipped between her lips, shattering her masquerade.  

Piers froze then quickly retracted his hand.  He whipped his torso around, flipping the light to see Alex stretched out, awake but partially concealed by the blanket.  

“A-Alex you were awake?”  He struggled to form his words.  “The whole time?!”

“Yeah,” she nodded slowly.  Her ears and neck were burning even more than normal.  The blush danced around her jaw before fanning out across her cheeks and ears.  The guilty smile cracked the corners of her lips.  Piers collapsed back into the mattress with arm draped across his eyes.  “I'm sorry I didn't say anything,” her voice cracked and grew high.  “I.....liked it; what you were doing.”

“Y-You did?”  He felt her fingers curling around his forearm, slowly pulling it away from his face.   He couldn't meet her eyes.   She sat up, hovering over the distressed marksman.  “Piers,” she began to coax him out of his temporary shell.  

“Look at me,” Alex slid her hand over his jaw and cheek before letting it come to rest in the crux of his neck and jaw.  Piers collected her hand into his before turning to meet her knowing eyes.  “It's alright.”

“No, it's not,” he slowly but angrily shook his head.  “You're with Chris!  And Chris......” he pounded his fists into the mattress on either side of his thighs.  “Chris left you!  He broke your heart Alex!  You don't deserve that!  You're an amazing woman and any man would be blind to, no stupid to be willing to let you slip through their fingers!”

His emotions gathered like a violent summer storm, volatile and unpredictable.  

Before he knew it, Piers was claiming Alex's lips with his.   He pushed everything he had into it, collecting her face with his shaky hands as he took a hard breath and regrettably severed the intimate connection.  He licked his lips before seeking those luscious lips again.  This time, she kissed him back.  The sigh of content hummed between their mouths, sending unexpected shudders through her body.  Piers quickly took her in his arms, pressing their bodies tight before lowering them to the bed with his body covering hers.  Her heart hammered against her sternum, feelings she thought had went quiet after Edonia reignited from simmering embers.  Sensations that sent tiny jolts of energy through every fiber in her body, igniting a need she had been in denial over.  

Tongues and teeth clicked and clashed in the growing battle between them.  Alex opened her mouth wider, letting the thick wet muscle dance dangerously with hers.  Piers was melting in her arms, basking in this delicious moment.  It felt right, having Alex in his arms, tasting her across his lips, hearing the tiny whimpers playing along his ears.  Slender fingers teased the skin exposed from the lifted shirt.  Piers groaned, pushing her deeper into the mattress.  His hips pressed to hers; his hardening prick nudging her.

“Wait,” Alex abruptly jerked back but breathed against his swollen lips.  “We can't.....”

Piers peered through half lidded eyes, partially concealing his lust.  Alex rested her forehead to his. Letting her fingers sweep back and forth along his face.  They couldn't.  She peered down at the ring planted on her left hand.  It glared accusingly at her in the dim lighting.  

“I-I can't......I'm sorry,” her knees shot into Piers's solar plexus, knocking the wind from his lungs as she  leaped out of bed and sprinted for the bathroom leaving the marksman dazed and reeling from what had occurred.  He didn't notice the slight throb from her knee jerk reaction to his gut.


Alex slid down the dingy wall until she was hugging her knees with head resting sideways upon them.  Clear trails trickled from her nose and eyes, staining her pants and shirt.  Her chest and throat constricted as she fought back the rising sobs but they came out as spongy hiccups that resonated off the narrow walls.  Her heart ached; ached with so much pain.  Why!?  Why!?  Why?!  Why?!

“Alex,” Piers rapped lightly on the door.  “Can I come in?”

“Please, don't,” she begged him pathetically while shaking her head though he couldn't see it through the door.  

“No,” he called out from the other side.  “I'm coming in.”  The door knob creaked then clicked before the door was pushed ajar.  Alex couldn't meet his watery gaze as Piers slipped in.  The shadows of his lithe form floated across her face before he turned and glided down the wall to join her.

“Hey,” he shook her shoulder.  “Alex, look at me......please.”  She felt his arm make its way between the lower lumbar of her back and the wall until it was hooked firmly around the narrow section of her waist.  

“I'm sorry,” she buried her face in her knees.  “I'm sorry Piers.”

“It should be me apologizing Alex.  I kissed you.  I kissed you and I shouldn't have.”  Regret smothered his lingering embers of desire.

“But I kissed you back.  I should've stopped it but I didn't.  I wanted it!  I wanted.....I wanted more!  I wanted YOU! Jesus, I'm so fucked up!”  

“No, no you're not!”  His tone sharpened.  “You're hu-”

“No, I'm not.  Not anymore.”  She felt her pants turning moist with tears and snot.  

“You still have emotions, a conscious,” he paused before saying, “a heart.”

“A broken one,” she sniffled.  “In love with someone who willingly abandoned them.  Then.....” she smacked the back of her head in the wall several times.  “Then there's you.  I didn't expect to, I didn't intend to but I did.  I can't help it.  DAMN IT ALEX!”  

Piers kept quiet but drew her in his protective embrace.  

“I love Chris but.....” finally her head lifted from her knees.  Narrow sharp trails marked the whites of her eyes.  Where Carolina blue had been etched something else had arisen.  Blood and gold illuminated her irises which reflected with striking clarity in his own.  The tiny gasp of surprise was a rusted knife through her heart.

“Alex, your eyes.”  

“No, no don't look,” Alex snapped her head away, ashamed to have him even seen them.  “They're ugly.”

“I want to.  Please?”  He couldn't stop himself from attempting to bring her back.  He wasn't fearful or even disgusted with what he witnessed.  

“They're hideous.  They remind me of......” she forced an exhausted sigh.  “I can't even control them!”  

“Alex,” Piers didn't let up but Alex was equally determined, refusing to let him see the reptilian rings.  She hated it when Chris caught a glimpse of them, fleeing to the bedroom or bathroom until they cooled to ice blue.  

“Please,” he pulled a little harder, feeling the muscles in her neck stiffen.  “I didn't run when you told me the truth.”

Doesn't she understand?  Doesn't she realize I won't leave her?  

He sensed the tension subsiding and shift in muscle and bone as she allowed him to catch a glimpse.  Awe and a childish curiosity swept across his handsome face.  They reminded him of.....  



“Your eyes; they remind me of fire.”

“You're just trying to make me feel better.”  It was sweet attempt but that was it.  

“No, I'm being serious.  I don't see what you do.”

“Then what do you see?”  This should be rich.  

“Two fires; two beautiful fires.”  Alex willed her gaze to lift to his, seeing sincerity ringing it.  

“No one ever said anything so......”

“Honest?”  Alex nodded numbly.  

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

Alex tilted inward until she was leaning on Piers for support.  His chin came to rest upon the top of her head.  He slid his other arm in front of her chest to which Alex curled her hands around.    

“I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it.”

Both sat in comfortable silence.  The initial uncertainty and apprehension dissipating like fog in the sunlight.  Alex shut her eyes and shifted deeper against his body.  

“I”m sorry I freaked out on you.”  

Piers responded by sliding his arms tighter around her.  

“They are beautiful.”  He dared to utter.  

“Thank you,” she whispered tearfully.  “Why does it have to be so fucking agonizing?”  

“What?”  His hand was running over hers.  

“This,” Alex mirrored his movement.  “I love Chris, god do I ever but I can't shut it off.”  The spring within her cracked the surface and she spun around, straddling his thighs.  His heart was calm but hers wasn't.  “I can't shut this,” her mouth captured his in a sweet yet tearful kiss, pressing their lips tight for several heated seconds.  “Off” she breathed.  “I feel something for you Piers.  I shouldn't but I do.”  

There, it was out.  Alex couldn't lie to herself or him.  

Piers was compelled to gather her face in his hands.  Her skin was soft and inviting against his touch.  

“What am I going to do?”  Fresh tears pricked the corners of her eyes.

“We are going to keep looking for Chris.  You love him.” It was killing him to say each word now that he knew.  “He loves you so much.”

“Then why did he leave?”  

“I don't know Alex.”  His fingers fanned back and forth then down and back up her face.   “When we find him, we'll get answers.”  

A short nod was all he would get.  

“Alex,” Piers angled his head and narrowed his eyes.  “They're.....”

“What?!  What is it?!”  Excitement rising within her.  

“Your eyes are.....BLUE!”  But they were gorgeous even now.  “But they're still so beautiful.  And even when they ignite I mean it; simply stunning.”  The octave in his voice lowered, hovering above a thick whisper.  

“I can sleep on the couch tonight.”  He offered.  

“No, don't.  I don't want to see or hear you shivering all night.”  A smirk crossed her face.  

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn't have said anything if I wasn't.”  An eyebrow arched.  

“I promise I won't kiss you again.”  

“I promise not to leer at you in the dark.”

“Deal,” he extended a hand to which Alex gave a firm shake.  “Come on.”

Alex hopped up and assisted Piers to his feet.   Their backs and asses were numb from sitting on the unforgiving floor and against the equally harsh wall.  Skin tingled as blood returned to the neglected fibers.  


        This time, they left the light on.  

Piers slowly carded his hand through the drying raven strands, never letting his eyes stray from hers.  They were softer and more open.    

I wanted more!  I wanted YOU!

Her teary confession was on repeat in his mind.  Piers wanted her too.  Wanted all of her: mind, body and soul.  Desired nothing more than to savor every inch of flesh with his tongue and lips; to tell her how beautiful she was every single day; wake up to her nestled in his arms.  He yearned to hear their bodies speak as they lay intertwined; naked and coated in a thick sheen of sweat.  The primal part of him hungered to mark her with mouth and cock; hear her cry his name in euphoric release.  To know that sweet smile would be waiting for him when he returned from deployment.  

They  crossed a line.  

There was no looking back.

There was NO turning back.

Alex hoped Chris wouldn't run when they found him; that he would come home to everyone.  She had gotten him back after Jill was saved from Africa.  It was right after that he had proposed.  Before the break down at the ceremony.


The chill of the air conditioner pebbled their burning skin as they lay there content in one another's arms.  It was finally beginning to look up for them.  Jill was back home, alive and Albert Wesker was DEAD.  The BSAA had allotted Chris some needed leave after the events in West Africa.  

He rested on his side, one arm draped over Alex's waist with his other looping under her neck with his hand threading through her hair.  It was partially damp, thanks to the fervent sex.  Chris cracked a lazy smile as he watched her sleep.  He missed these moments.  He missed her.  The pain in his heart had grown as the chasm between them deepened during that strained point in their relationship.

He missed them.

“Hey,” she groaned and stirred in his arms but pushed deeper against him.  She peered up with one eye peeking upward towards him.  “It's cold.....”  She shivered for added effect.  Chris arched an eyebrow given how high her body temperature was thanks to the T-Virus in her DNA.  

“Right,” he lightly chuckled yet accommodated her with a tug of the blanket followed by a light kiss to her forehead.  He slowly pulled away but it was the beginning of a trail which lead downward until their mouths were connected.  Alex melted into him, feeling her body ignite from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes.  The passionate dance they shared so many times easily played out.  Chris sighed at the welcomed invasion of small slick muscle into his waiting mouth.  It tenderly caressed across the underside before gliding along the top with long delicious strokes.  

The lovers continued this sensual entanglement for several minutes longer before Chris severed the burning connection.  Alex whimpered at the loss of warmth, dismayed at the halt of her rising arousal which earned her a wicked grin from Chris.  

“What?”  He breathed across her lips, letting them brush along in a teasing manner.

“What?!” Alex growled playfully and caught his bottom lip between hers.  Slow gentle sucking elicited the low groan from his throat.  “You,” the quiet pop released him from her hold, “That's WHAT.  Getting me hot and bothered then blocking me that's WHAT.”

“But you love me regardless.”

“Most days,” she claimed another peck.  

His hand slipped from her hair and came to rest on the right side of her face; his eyes turning serious.  

“Chris?”  Alex felt a pang of anxiety in the center of her chest.  

“Ever since,” he took a breath so he could find the right words, “Ever since I found you, I told myself I wouldn't lose you again.  Four years.....Four years I thought I had lost you.”

“You had,” Alex traced the ravines and ripples of his arm. “But then you found me.”

The deep shiver that invaded his being resonated into hers.  Alex couldn't recall parts of her torment at Wesker's hand and what little she could was painful to say the least.  

“Alex, I......”  His throat closed up and Chris mentally cursed.

“No,” she shushed him with a press of her fingers to his lips.  “No, you don't have to say whatever it is you're trying to tell me.”

His head shook adamantly and withdrew her fingers from his lips.  A subtle kiss pressed into the pad of each digit before gathering her hand in his.  

“I do,” he whispered.  “I've thought about this for a while now.”

“Thought about what!?”  There it was; the anxiety and apprehension.  

A cool sensation slid up her left ring finger, casting initial fears and trepidation aside.  “Chris....” Her eyes widened in surprise.  “I-is this.....”

He just smiled while holding her hand offering a small nod.  She looked up, seeing the age lines around his eyes evaporating.  

“After you came home and began to get your life back, I saw the strong independent woman I met 5 years ago.  Your strength, your determination to reclaim everything he took from you made me realize what I had.”

Alex felt her heart sprinting as he spoke.  Was this really happening!?

“It's yes.”

Chris felt his grin widen until it hurt.  She said YES.  He loved this woman more and more every day!  

“I never thought I would find happiness with everything that's happened since the Arklay Mountains.  Then you came into my life.  The BEST thing that has happened to me.”

“And I am not going to run.”

“I know you won't.  You're too damned stubborn.”  

“Got that right.”  Alex snuggled into his chest, breathing cologne, sex, and him.  For the rest of her life she would get to inhale the rich blend or at the least his scent.  The rich infusion of musk and something earthy.  Of course he still had that damned smoking habit but she could see past that.  He was human.  

Chris peered down to find she had fallen back asleep.  A few wayward strands of night masked her eye.  It enhanced the lightening in her skin; a result of the T-Virus infection.

“An alabaster goddess.......Immaculate!  Wouldn't you agree Chris?”

Wesker's taunt sullied the moment.  He had loved the chocolate layers, noting they were a shade softer than his own.  But now, they were gone.  Destroyed because of a deceased comic book villain.

“He won't hurt you anymore.  I PROMISE.”

With that, Chris pulled her close to him, as if loosening his embrace would let her slip from him again.  That bastard was out there; plotting and watching.

“You really think you can protect her from me Chris?!  I succeeded once and I can do it again!  Look at her!  She's the next step in human evolution!  You are unworthy!”

“You INFECTED her with the virus!”  Anger rushed to the surface.

“And it bestowed her with the Gift!  Look at her Chris!  Perfect!  Beautiful!  Mine.....”

“Not yours Wesker,” he muttered with acid saturating his tongue.  “Never yours....”


Alex allowed herself to curl along Piers; head resting on his shoulder with face nuzzled into his chest.  Invisible flames licked his flesh, shielding him from the chill growing in the air.  Chris would shamelessly hide behind or in front of her when he was cold in winter.  But he was alone and here she was, pouring her heart out to a man that wasn't him; admitting she had fallen for another when she was engaged to him.  She felt naked but not vulnerable.  

Piers squeezed his eyes shut and adjusted his position until Alex was sprawled out along his lean  body.  He sensed her arms and legs slowly relax as they came to rest across his torso and parallel to his leg.  Alex was right: She was her own furnace.  But it was the type of warmth that enveloped liked a thick blanket or stepping out into the sun during a warm spring day.   She looked so peaceful; a faint smile danced across her lips though he blinked and it was gone.  

“It's alright.”

Piers froze.  

“You arm,” Alex sighed heavily.  “It's alright.  Move it.”

His arm obeyed and linked with the other across the center of his abs.  Perfect.  

Alex listened to the deep rhythm of his heart, allowing her body to drift away.   Piers couldn't help to smile.  

“Goodnight,” he breathed.  

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It has been TOO long since I visited the RE Game verse!  Life and its BS has been keeping me from updating anything so please, I ask, no beg, for all of your forgiveness on this one!  

Before she continued, Alex gathered the bottle into her waiting grip, tipping it over to claim the remaining bit of amber gold.  Her fingers drummed lightly along her opposite knee.  Nervousness, anxiety, fear......All of those danced through her mind, traveling through her veins as she struggled to form the words that kept dying on her tongue.  

“As I started to say,” she found her voice, thanks to the infusion of liquid will. Now her hands were losing hold, shaking, fighting to remain in control.  “It happened when I was alone.  I had brought home some files to sort and put in order; as a way to stay focused.”

Piers simply watched as she sunk into the couch; the haunted look settling in, robbing the light from her eyes.  His stomach churned, watching her sitting there in this pathetic state.  He slid in beside her, noticing she paid no heed to how close he was seated beside her.      

“Alex, you don't have to say anything.”

“No,” she shook her head.  “No, I need to tell you.  You deserve to know, to understand it.”  The lump collected in her throat as she lifted her head, meeting his inquisitive stare.  “I trust you.  I know, it goes against the BSAA's mission and I would be dead if they ever found out.”

Alex finished the remaining whiskey off, knowing it would not come close to quelling the dread gathering within.  

Can I REALLY do this!?  Would I succeed in recalling the demons held at bay for so long only to renege on her self made promise to never speak of them?  Could I keep them at bay, restrain them from taking control?  What if it happens?!  What if I breakdown like before!?  There was only one way.......

“Might want to grab the other bottle,” her voice cracked above a whisper.  “I'm gonna need it.”

Piers hurried to fetch the second bottle, his eyes darting back to her then to locating his target.  There it was!  Alone on the counter, beckoning him to reach out and take it.  It was some Scottish import and by looking at the ornate labeling not a cheap one either.  

“Thanks,” she allowed him to dole out another round then quickly downed it in two gulps.  This burned more than the last but dam if it didn't feel good in the same thought.  “Keep that close.”

A part of him begged, screamed to refuse her such.  But against his better senses, Piers slid the bottle over, just in front of her.  Instead, he remained tight to her side; waiting patiently for her to speak.  Alex took a deep breath then slowly exhaled, mentally preparing herself for what she was about to recall.  A hand slid up and raced over the right side of her face.  She felt it in her bones: the cold which had dominated her body mind and soul beginning with that night.

“I remember it was half past eight.  It was a Wednesday.”  Piers heard the abrupt humorless laugh.  “It's funny how you remember the little things in times of duress.  My tea had grown cold.  It was raining.  Hard....”


Unknown Time........
The tapping and stacking of papers and folders had continued unabated for 3 hours.  But to Alex it had taken on the sense of 20 minutes.  The only reason she knew that much time had passed was her eyes started to burn forcing her to shift her focus from the piles neatly organized about her.  It was good really; occupying her mind with menial tasks such as tidying and re-structuring forms, reports, and paperwork those in the BSAA either saw as busy work or had no time to perform such duties.  So, Alex happily acquired the responsibilities and always returned the messy stacks and strewn files in perfect little piles with clear labels for quick reference.  

Still, it didn't whittle away the gnawing loss of being alone.  After learning that Chris's former captain, Albert Wesker, had not only survived the “Mansion Incident”, but had infected himself with the T-Virus, Chris insisted she stay with Barry until he returned from locating Claire.  

No, I don't want to impose on Barry.  I'm able to handle my own thank you very much!

Lexi you have no idea what Wesker can do; what he is capable of doing now that he's......

“A freak,” she muttered, finishing the silent thought.  Who in the HELL would intentionally inject a bioweapon into their body?!  Reminded her of a comic book villain: Cooking up half baked ideas for domination over the human species even if those visions included self infliction on every imaginable level.  Could be comical had it not been for the one fact: The resurrection of the presumed dead captain signaled it was only the beginning.  God knows what was being dreamed up and cooked by tainted minds and hands.  The mansion had been carnage enough!  Then again, it shouldn't come as any level of shock given the bottomless pockets and endless resources at their whim.  But it appeared as though the tide was shifting in their favor.  New reports of Congress calling for investigations into the financial behemoth.          

Alex just shut her eyes then shook her head.  She had grown up surrounded by the multitude of products the corporation flooded into every home.  She couldn't recall one person or business that wasn't under the caress of the faceless conglomerate.  As a child, she had thought of the little icon as neat, cute even.  The minute swirl reminded her of a peppermint or if it was the holidays, a candy cane.  But the innocence vanished after the veil was ripped away after Raccoon City.  Collateral fucking damage was what the city had become.  Human lives!?  What human lives?  All swept under the expanse of payoffs and more payoffs.  She HATED them all.  

The rotted stench of Umbrella saturated every paper her fingers brushed.  The cherry red and virgin white, when molded into the innocent guise of an umbrella, disarmed the mindless masses.  Umbrella was good!  Umbrellas provided shelter and security from the unforgiving elements!  Umbrellas were also weapons if wielded correctly.  A means to end life as much as to protect it.  

Sighing, Alex knew she should call it a night.  Her neck was stiffening and she could use a hot shower to soothe the screaming burn which was forming between the plates of bones along her spine.  The box of disheveled papers and folders would be patiently waiting for her return in the morning.  It had been about three days since she last heard from Chris.  After Antarctica, Wesker had dropped off the radar.  Son of a bitch was good .  Though, Alex likened him to a cockroach.  When the lights flipped on a roach always sought the darkness.  Pity this cockroach couldn't so easily squelched with a shoe.  

“Okay, okay,” she chided herself.  “Get your ass in that shower and then go to bed.”  She had given her word to Barry that tomorrow night she would pull away from the oh so exciting filing and join him and the girls for dinner.  It would be nice though, to get out for a few hours.  Kathy was practically begging her to divulge her taste buds on the chicken Alfredo her grandmother had taught her to make.  Who was she to turn down home cooked Italian?  

Alex didn't want to part ways with the hot steady jets but she was starting to prune and turn red in places.  But, she felt renewed and bed was beckoning.  With towel tight around her, Alex padded across the hall.  She went to flip the switch only to be greeted with darkness.  

“You gotta be kidding me!”  

A phone call to the property manager would be the first thing on her list in the morning.  Huffing in frustration, her attention went to the lamp on the dresser.  Click....Nothing!  Her hand furiously smacked the switch despite the obvious outcome.

“What the HELL is going on here?!”  Now she was pissed.  No light in her bedroom leaving her to stumble and shuffle through the drawers for the tiny flashlight stashed in one of them.  A short curse flew from her mouth when her knee caught the sharp corner of the furnishing.  One by one she scoured, a hard slam of anger her reward.

“Looking for something?”  The cold accent sliced through the air.

Alex instantly froze.  Her heart stammered against her ribs as her brain dispatched adrenaline into her veins.  Fight or flight.  

“You must be Alexandra.”

He knew her name.  

Fear should've claimed her.

Through the slats of the shades the narrow neck of the baseball bat glowed from the street light just beyond the glass and plastic.  Alex had one chance.  

She chose fight.


Piers caught the trembling in the corner of his eye.  

“He was in there.”

“Probably watching me shower,” Alex took a hard gulp which was followed with an equally ferocious shudder.  No matter how much she imbibed, it always came back with a painful clarity.  Perhaps it was another effect of the virus: Higher tolerance for alcohol.  Every drunk's dream.

“Bastard,” Piers spat in disgust.  

“You're being too kind,” Alex rebutted bitterly.  Her eyes traveled to the bottle and frowned.  “Damn, half way through it.  All of the alcohol in the world can't and won't erase them.  I tried.  God knows I tried and tried,” a tear cascaded down.  “Nothing I do gives me release.  I don't tell Claire or Jill this.  They would panic.  I never told Chris either.  I keep it to myself ya know?  Easier that way.”

Piers leaned across, gently taking the glass tumbler from her fingers.  Alex didn't object or form a protest at his act.    

“Here,” he placed it on the table.  Before he could say a single word, Alex's hand shot up inches from his nose.  

“If you're going to start in on how I don't need booze to cope save it.  I don't want to hear it.”

Her voice had dropped to a dangerous level, one that made Piers freeze in place.  Her head was slow to lift but once it had, her eyes had narrowed to slits as if warning him, no daring him to do it and find out the consequences of such foolery.  

“Didn't plan on it,” he softly whispered.  

Alex blinked and slowly lowered her arm along with the bristled stance.  

“I'm on your side Alex; I will always be on your side.”  

A half smile peeked on the corner of her mouth.  The pensive shoulders went lax allowing her body to further settle in.  The lines which creased the edges of her eyes lightened the deeper she relaxed.  Piers was disarmed by the sweet narrow smile.  The sudden though subtle pressure of her leg brushing along his snapped  him from any gathering daydream and to closeness between them.  The light shined on the pendant dangling from her neck.  It was the one he gave her back in London.  How had he not noticed it?!  Did she wear it all the time?  Or had she started wearing it?    

“That means a lot.  I don't have a lot of people I can count on.  But I consider you one of those people.”  Alex felt a pang of strength taking hold as Piers silently cursed himself for his mental indiscretions.  “I think I'm ready to continue.”

“You sure?”  Alex responded with a brief but firm squeeze of his hand.  He couldn't but help to reciprocate the gesture covering her hand with his other one.    

“Positive,” she nodded confidently.  “I can't let him control me; even in death.”

She didn't say anything when he didn't release her hand.  


“Are you seriously contemplating going for that bat?”  

Silence was her response.  

Muscle contracted, soaking up every precious drop of fuel.  Her pulse quickened, only hastening the currents of adrenaline.  

She jumped.  

Wesker jumped harder and faster.  

Her back smacked against the solid wall first.  

“Stupid girl!”  

Then the back of her head collided violently with drywall and beige.  The air in her lungs heaved up and out in a deep pained rush.  Alex rolled to her hands and knees, struggling to regain control over her breathing.  Wesker snickered at her, bat held loose in one hand.  

“I'm sure Chris warned you about me?”

“Fuck you.”  She rose on shaky feet.   Wesker simply chuckled at her words.

Her pathetic human eyes didn't catch the sadistic grin or tongue rolling over and along parted lips.  Oh how he was going to take pleasure in this.    

“Such words coming out of your mouth.  Perhaps you should be taught some manners.”  His voice hissed on the last word sending an involuntary shudder down every nerve across her spine.

Alex steadied her body against the dresser, sliding her hand across the slick surface, praying something, anything would be there she could launch at Wesker.  

“Sorry asshole, I make it a point not to get involved with psychotic, narcissistic douche bags like you.”

“Now that's not very nice.”  Wesker feigned hurt.  In the dark, she rolled her eyes as several fingers glided over jagged points of the ceramic trees that created the base of the snow globe.  It had been a gift from parents before they died.  They would understand what it was about to become.  Compared to his sharper sense of sight, Alex was at a serious disadvantage.  Human vision was rather limited in little to no light.  Evolution had a twisted sense of humor.  

With a deep grunt, Alex hurled the heavy memento from her hand and darted for the door.  Shadows were cover for the Tyrant, masking the stealthy movements as he pursued his prey.  Alex succeeded in getting five steps down before the violent blow of a gloved fist brought her down.  One well placed punch in the center of her spine; enough to subdue but not kill her.  Where his fist landed, skin burned as if rusted nails had been dipped in acid then dragged across her flesh.  Alex couldn't scream; her body was in complete shock.  Her eyes and jaw were squeezed so tight a few tears pricked the corners of her eyes.  

“I didn't strike you that hard,” Alex could hear the mockery dripping off his lips.  

COME ON!!!  COME ON ALEX GET THE FUCK UP!!!!  Jesus did he break my back!?  A-Am I paralyzed!?  

The clasp of warm leather along her left calf answered her silent fear.  

“I haven't even begun to get rough.”  Hot puffs of breath coated the right side of her neck and ear.  The glove crushed down on her calf eliciting a pained cry from his victim.  The other hand grappled the thick cotton, ripping it away from her body. An involuntary shiver raced down her spine as the cold air encased her damp naked skin.  

Alex clawed her nails into the carpet then slapped against the bedpost; a pathetic attempt at keeping any leverage.  Panic was slowly seeping in as her fingers slid along the polished wood then grasping air as the sensation of skin burning against fibers ignited along her torso, chest, and legs.  

“What is it he sees in you?  What is it about you that gets into every little part of him?  Hmmm?”  Wesker questioned aloud while dragging her down the hall. Alex continued fighting, hooking her fingertips on the corner of the wall before Wesker spun around and stomped the heel of his boot into the stubborn digits.  A second shriek of pain played upon his ears but it wasn't enough.  He needed more.

“FUCKER!”  She roared in anger only to be rewarded with a sharp backhanded swing.  Knuckles collided with the area below her eye, instantly stinging and swelling.  “SON OF A BITCH!”  This time the other side suffered the same fate.  Molars slashed across the inner part of her cheek allowing trickles of crimson to sprinkle her tongue and gums.  

“Again, you really should reign that tongue of yours in.”

Alex couldn't catch her breath before Wesker pounced.  His hand tangled in her damp locks, snapping her head upright.  His grip intensified, threatening to rip her hair from her scalp.  Her back was bowing outward into a near perfect C.  Her spine screamed wildly, begging for the agony to abate.   Wesker grinned manically as he thrust his arm forward, slamming her head into the carpet beneath.  Tears were distorting her vision or rather, what bit she had in the shadows.  Her body refused to obey her mind; to move, crawl, anything to escape this monster.  The pain was immense, stabbing her in the center of the forehead before spreading like fire across the top of her skull then traversing back down then along her neck.  Everything went numb; a strange but welcoming numbing sensation which blissfully dulled her senses.  Not even the blood trailing from her nose and over the swelling lips could be detected.  Alex suspected her nose was probably broken on account of the impact.  

Her body was in a state of shock.

Her mind had detached from reality, keeping her from hearing the belt sliding off the tactical pants then fitting around her wrists.

“N-No.....” her protests sounded strong in her ears but were feeble and meek.  It was then it dawned on her.  

Wesker had planned this.  

He tossed out a line to Chris like chum in water.  Bait, set, match.  He knew Chris would pursue the “lead” like a bloodhound.  Follow the scent until it lead to Wesker or another dead end.  Trouble was, Wesker was there.  

“Chris.....” she groaned painfully.

“Oh yes, Chris,” Wesker mused with unmasked venom.


The Tyrant dropped to his knees, cradling Alex's head in his lap.  He watched her flinch at the light carding of his leather clad fingers through her tangled tresses.  As digits became ensnared in a mat of chocolate, the grip tightened and viciously raked through it, uncaring if it compounded her suffering.  

“My dear,” he leaned in closer, letting their noses touch at the tips.  Wesker paused to lick his lips, as though he was tasting the fear radiating from his victim, “I have no intentions of hurting your precious Chris.  At least, not yet.”

“Don'” He just chuckled at her pathetic demand.  

“I'm going to do more than touch,” she shuddered at the veiled intent.  “I haven't even arrived at the good part yet.”

Alex felt her senses returning starting with her legs.  Fear kept them paralyzed but logic was also screaming at her.  She couldn't clue him in.  So, she stayed frozen, channeling her energy into the looming fight.  

Wesker weighed his options carefully.  He could 1) Kill Alex and leave her lifeless decaying corpse for Chris to discover upon his return or 2) Commence with what he had originally devised.  Which would be produce the greatest gratification for him and maximum agony for his nemesis?  While he could break her down in this shit hole of an apartment until her life was exterminated or he could prolong the suffering in a more secluded location; on his terms.  Where the possibility of being interrupted was nonexistent.  

The dark grin deepened across his lips as the plan changed but in a delightfully sinister direction.  

But first......

Her head unceremoniously smacked the floor as Wesker shifted around. Through the narrow slits of light, Alex's eyes focused on the looming figure which now crowded overhead.  Her eyes narrowed in a hopeless shot of focusing on what her attacker was doing.  Perhaps, it was best her eyes couldn't or wouldn't grant that request.  

“What is it,” he repeated acidly, “that he values in you?”

Burning fingers traced along her outer thighs.  

Bare fingers!?  On her legs?!  SHIT!!!

Alex kicked with every spark of energy she could summon, striking Wesker in the chest with her knee.  He fell back, briefly shocked at the assault.  With hands still tightly bound, Alex rolled to her knees, leaping to her feet with the door in her line of sight.  She didn't turn to see the molten amber cutting through the inky blackness.  She didn't see Wesker whipping through the night in a blur of midnight.  

Three steps.  

Three steps was all she had between her and salvation.  

Three steps that kept her in the embrace of the Devil.

Her body was hurled up then violently thrust into the coffee table.  Her ears played the song of fragile flesh colliding with sturdy oak.  Wood splintered then embedded into her lower back, missing kidney and renal artery by millimeters.  Wesker cracked his knuckles one at a time as he observed his helpless captive struggle like a turtle turned on its back.  

“That was foolish!”

Alex prayed someone had heard the crash and called the police.  Prayed someone would come to the door and knock on it.

God wasn't listening that night.

The searing heat of his hand clamped tight around her throat, lifting up and off the scattered remains of the furnishing with ease.  Alex coughed and gasp, fighting for each breath of precious air.  Wesker simply squeezed more, denying her the simple biological function which was essential for her survival.  Her feet were barely above the floor, cruelly brushing the soft surface with every spasm.  Her arms were still bound, hampering her determined clawing at the iron grip of bone and flesh.  

“Tell me Alexandra, how does it feel knowing your life is in my hands?  That with one snap of my hand you'll be dead before hitting the floor?  Hmmm?  Come on now, don't hold back.  Do speak your mind.”

Now her sight was filled with random patterns of white, red, and orange in various shapes and sizes.  

Is this it?  Is this the END?  It IS the end.  

Wesker's grin deepened further as he watched her face turn bright red to deep purple from the deprivation of oxygen. It was fun, really, hurling her to the brink like this.  Her heart racing out of panic and the primitive need to remain alive.  

He laughed at the involuntary reaction of her arms as they shot up, warring to liberate her body from her tormentor.

“That's it Alexandra; fight it!  Fight right to the end.  Hmmm......Perhaps this is part of what he sees in you.”

The raking nails were slowing in frequency as her brain slowly shut down.  

“Oh we can't have you dying so soon,” his grip eased permitting air into deprived lungs and blood.  The tingling and needle like sensations around her face lightened as life saving oxygen flooded her lungs.  The deep cough forced more into her airway, ushering additional relief.  

“Not when there is so much to do.”  Chills reverberated through her soul, causing her skin to pebble not in anticipation but in absolute terror.

Alex felt her body falling, falling until it crumpled on the carpet in a weakened heap.  Everything seemed to hurt.  Hell, everything DID hurt.  Adrenaline was waning that much was she was certain about.  

Wesker took a step back, taking in the view.  She wasn't emaciated but not voluptuous either.  Her body possessed curves around the hips and a little in the thighs.  Her upper body showed signs of definition; clearly she had been engaged in physical activity on some regular basis.  Her legs were sculpted; muscle wavered hypnotically when they flexed and relaxed.  Abdominal muscles were a work in process but not too bad.  Glowing orbs drifted downward, committing the woman's physique to memory.  Alex felt his predatory stare falling between her legs; hovering there longer than any other area.  


Alex reached deep, calling up the reserves she didn't think existed.  Her core complied and rolled her over onto her stomach, giving her leverage and hope.  But it was fleeting as Wesker tackled her with lightning speed.  Her face ground into the carpet a second time as his hand palmed the back of her skull.  The other centered on her spine, preventing her from executing any foolhardy plan.  Her head felt as though a million tiny serrated knives were being plunged then retracted with agonizingly slow movements.  Alex clutched her forehead as best she could, offering little solace to herself.  It hurt! Fuck it hurt!  Why weren't the police coming!?

“If you are hoping those imbeciles known as the police will be arriving I hate,” she could hear the smirk in his tone, “to tell you but they won't.  And as for anyone hearing your screams, no one's home.”  He laughed with maniacal glee.  Alex squirmed but the splinter embedded in her back cut deeper into her flesh.  She did her damndest to prevent the scream building in her throat but the narrow shard pierced across the side of her right kidney.  

Alex whimpered and curled into a ball, exposing the chunk as some bloodied offering.  Wesker leaned over, gathering the projectile into his burning hold.  His wrist snapped right then left before his bicep jerked back pulling it from it's fleshy resting place.  Her shrill cry echoed off the walls, quelling the spongy slippery sounds of polished wood sliding along open skin, blood, and muscle.  Now her eyes were flooded, creating anguished torrents along her cheeks and neck.      

“As I said, there is so much”

Alex couldn't see his leg swing back then forward until the steel toe tip crushed her rib cage, cracking each strip of bone that was unfortunate enough to be in the line of fire.  Cracking and popping saturated her ears, reminding her of her vulnerable state as her hapless form hurled across the room. Her mind couldn't catch up fast enough with the violent afflictions cast upon her body until the brass hinges were cutting into her spine.  Alex felt the air being expelled from her lungs as the jagged edges of bone ripped along her lung before one snagged and stabbed the spongy organ.  It burned......Wait, burning is an understatement.  Dipping a rusted blade into concentrated flouric acid then stabbing her where the rib now rested was more appropriate.  

“Get off me!  Fucking psychotic ass bastard!  Get the FUCK off me!!!!”

Her body and brain re-surged to life at the intrusion of naked flesh caressing between her legs.  A fresh infusion of adrenaline numbed her nerves, channeling her will into fighting.  But Wesker held the advantage, easily keeping her restrained with one hand on her wrists as the other continued stroking and fondling.  

“Again with that vulgar tongue.  Perhaps we should put it to some better use hmm?”

Alex spat in his face, causing him to reel back in shock but mainly anger.  The hand departed her body, sweeping the disgusting glob of saliva from his face.  She watched in cold terror as his eyes glowed, showing his displeasure in her defiance.  She had done it.  Alex had invoked the wrath of Albert Wesker.  

“No more games!”  

“Games!?  You think this is a game?!”  Alex didn't recognize her voice.  

“Of course it is!  You're all pawns! Pawns that I manipulate and move as I see fit.”  

“Bastard!”  Alex raged despite the restraints both materiel and biological.  

“One by one into place until......” he closed the space between his lips and and the outer shell of her ear, tracing the inviting lobe with the tip of his tongue.  Alex cringed and wrenched her head left, only inciting his arousal.  

“Mmmm......that's the spirit; fight Alexandra!”

Alex used every bit of resistance that remained in her depleted broken form.  Her arms lifted to the elbows before falling back to the ground.  She writhed beneath his dominant silhouette, sensing the last vestiges of strength draining out.  Her torso squirmed then twitched until going still.  Wesker kept his grip fierce but could detect her will was finally weakening; yet her heart carried out its furious dance, acting of its own accord.  The stench of copper and iron saturated the air and carpet with more being added from the gaping laceration.  The walls painted in angry crimson, a “present” for Chris upon his return.    

She was still alive.  For now.....

 “Now where were we?”  He licked his lips as though he was tasting the air.  “Ah yes.....”

Strong knees pressed into her inner thighs and in a show of power over her, forced them apart until his eyes fell upon the prize.  

“N-n-n-n-nooooooooo,” Alex protested through the gathering tears.  

“Ah begging,” Wesker cruelly snickered.  “The last resort of a desperate man or should I say.....woman?”  

His mouth latched to her neck, suckling on the dried blood like it was candy.  He couldn't but help to moan in unbridled ecstasy as his tongue savored the stark coppery sweetness.  The tiny whimpers which escaped her lips only amplified his pleasure as he lifted her hips and slammed his cock inside.  

Alex could only sob uncontrollably as Wesker carried out his perverted desires on her.  Her body had shut down; refused to carry on fighting.  So she lay there, helpless as one had snaked between their bodies, parting her legs wider to give even more of what he wanted.  The violent smacking of his hips injuring every inch of flesh they collided with.  She shut her eyes, working to detach her mind from the abuses being inflicted.  Anywhere would be better!  But Wesker wouldn't allow it.  His hand shot out, pinching her chin with thumb and index finger.  The sharp pressure abruptly thrust her back to the present, to the image of Wesker naked, on top of her, and sneering as if he had achieved some great conquest.  The fiery eyes brightened to blood gold, boring into her wide traumatized ones.  

“I can....feel what it is that Chris likes about you.  Tight, hot.......”

NO!  He wasn't going to shatter the intimate memories she treasured.  While Chris had used those words in love, Wesker turned them vile, invading her soul and tarnishing them.  Twisting them around until her mind could only see the demonic leer burning into her vision.  Alex's sobs intensified as he felt the tightening begin in his lower body.  Oh no, she had to remain alive.  This was just too good for one time.  

“Chris.....” her voice weakly hiccuped but Chris wasn't going to save her.  Her nails dug into her palms with each deep wail of agony, puncturing the skin and drawing out 10 immaculate crescents of crimson.  Alex thought her body was going to be split apart with the merciless temp.  Each thrust only called out a higher pained howl.  She was on the road to untold sensations that Alex never though existed and Wesker was happily dragging her along the razor and thorn embedded path.

“Agh!”  Her body exploded, clenching around him, coating his cock with a thick sheen.  Her lower back arched then dropped in rapid fire as the orgasm tore through her.  “NO!”  Alex wept openly, knowing her body was reacting to the stimulation, albeit forced.  But that didn't provide a grain of solace.    

Wesker flung his head back victoriously as the hot viscous ropes invaded.  The Tyrant was lost in a pure moment of bliss as he rode out the macabre climax.  The deep guttural growls stung her hearing and burned her soul as the burning waves saturated every inch they touched, tainting her with his mark.  His thrusts sped up, emptying completely into her battered body.  His mind and body were awash in euphoria, unaware of the salty bitterness that streaked her face, chin, and neck.  Clear trails dribbled down her nose which went ignored as Alex lay there, growing numb from inside out.  She prayed, begged, beseech anyone who was listening to rescue her.  Maybe this was all a nightmare; no a night terror.  A nightmare so real that the mind couldn't segregate between reality and illusion.  

Alex turned her head left, just as a bolt of lightning streaked across the inky blackness, casting a peculiar glow over the photo of her and Chris.  Her lips quivered as the warm smile and embrace they shared seemed to be mocking both her and her predicament.  She could feel the dull ache in the lower front of her body increasing turning into deep pulsations that felt like agonizing cramps, the longer she remained on the unforgiving flooring.  

“That was......eventful,” Wesker whispered cruelly.  “I must say Alexandra, I am highly impressed with your *ahem* endurance through all of this.”

She felt the contact of their bodies separating as Wesker rose to his feet.  Her skin pebbled with the rushing chill across her sweat slick skin.  Alex couldn't move.  She was at the mercy of him now.  If he wanted to step on her throat and crush her windpipe she wouldn't be able to stop him.  Consciousness was dangling on the edge of the cliff which below was a vast precipice, waiting to swallow it whole.  

The leathery caress returned, turning her blank stare to his searing one.  Wesker was now dressed with hair slicked back into perfection; the feral aura had been recalled, leaving the calm calculating bastard persona in control.

“This is going to hurt you a lot more than it is me,” the thick sharp edge of the needle tore into her neck, creating the pathway for the potent sedative to race along the blue and red highways.  Tendons and her collarbone protruded in response to the invasion; tightening of muscle which was an instinctive reaction. It burned where the cocktail was plunged into her body.

“Sleep well.....Dear Heart.”  The last drops seeped through narrow steel, completing the first step in Wesker's plans.  

Alex felt her world going dark and heavy.  Chris's name was on her tongue but the thick muscle turned slimy and limp like meat as the cold hands of unconsciousness claimed her.  Wesker continued to admire his handiwork, noting the improvements to the drab décor of this plain boring dwelling.  The blood is definitely a nice touch.  But, Chris just won't or can't appreciate the finesse that went into this homecoming gift.  

Pity really.......

“Let the games begin,” he victoriously collected the limp form into his waiting arms and casually strolled out into the deluge.  
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

  2. Three years!!!  Still hoping someone gifts a Core Membership out of the goodness of their heart

  3. What does your username mean?

  4. Mascot of my alumni, Kansas State University!!!  

  5. Describe yourself in three words.

  6. Independent, Outspoken, STUBBORN

  7. Are you left or right handed?

  8. Right

  9. What was your first deviation?

  10. Chapter 1 of my Resident Evil Movie Verse story, Chimera

  11. What is your favourite type of art to create?

  12. STORIES!!!!!  I have a vivid active imagination that NEVER sleeps!

  13. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

  14. What was your first favourite?

  15. Midwife Crisis by tha-thumpp

  16. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

  17. STORIES!!!!!!  Love crafting tales!!!!

  18. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

  19. ONE?!?!?!  Just ONE?!!??!  Okay, then it's a tie between Pain-art and doubleleaf and Captain-Albert Wesker

  20. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

  21. It can only be ONE!??!?!  Fine, if it has to be one then doubleleaf

  22. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

  23. Motivated me to keep writing when I wanted to quit

  24. What are your preferred tools to create art?

  25. Hands, laptop, and my mind......Oh and SLEEP!!!

  26. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

  27. Home - Sanctuary!!!!

  28. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?


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